Here are the rules regarding point earning activities on Mevbook, addressing the specified scenarios:

1. **Double Commenting on a Post:** - Users will not earn points for multiple comments on the same post. - Points will only be awarded for the first comment made by a user on a particular post. - Subsequent comments on the same post by the same user will not accrue additional points.

2. **Posting Only Emoji Without Meaningful Content:** - Users must provide meaningful content along with emojis in their posts to earn points. - Posts consisting solely of emojis without substantial accompanying text or context will not be eligible for point rewards.

3. **Word Count Requirement for Posts/Blogs:** - Posts and blogs must meet a minimum word count requirement of 5000 words to be eligible for point rewards. - Content that falls short of the minimum word count will not earn points, regardless of its quality or relevance.

4. **Verification of Content:** - Mevbook reserves the right to verify the authenticity and relevance of posts, comments, and blogs before awarding points. - Content that is found to be in violation of the aforementioned rules or Mevbook's community guidelines will not be eligible for point rewards.

5. **Point Allocation and Enforcement:** - Mevbook's automated systems will monitor and enforce adherence to these rules regarding point earning activities. - Points will be allocated or withheld based on the compliance of users' actions with the specified criteria.

6. **Appeals and Disputes:** - Users who believe their points have been unfairly withheld or deducted may submit an appeal to Mevbook's support team. - Appeals will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and decisions made by Mevbook are final.

7. **Changes to Rules:** - Mevbook reserves the right to update or modify these rules regarding point earning activities at any time. - Users will be notified of any changes through official communication channels provided by Mevbook.

By adhering to these rules, users can ensure that their point earning activities on Mevbook comply with the platform's guidelines and criteria for eligibility. Violations of these rules may result in the forfeiture of points and other disciplinary actions as deemed appropriate by Mevbook.