Sure, here are the rules for earning and converting points in Mevbook:

1. **Point Earning Activities:** - Users can earn points by engaging in various activities on Mevbook.
- Posting a new post earns 5 points.
- Reacting to a post earns 3 points.
- Commenting on a post earns 0 points.
- Blogging on Mevbook earns 15 points.

2. **Point Conversion:** - Users can convert their accumulated points into dollars. - Every 1000 points are equal to 1 dollar. - The conversion rate may vary at the discretion of Mevbook without prior notice to users.

3. **Violation of Rules:** - Any violation of Mevbook's terms of service or community guidelines may result in the forfeiture of earned points. - Mevbook reserves the right to take any action, including suspending or terminating accounts, in cases of rule violations.

4. **Changes in Point System:** - Mevbook reserves the right to modify the point system, including point values, conversion rates, and earning methods, without prior consent from users. - Users will be notified of any significant changes to the point system through official communication channels provided by Mevbook.

5. **User Safety:** - Users are encouraged to earn points through legitimate and authentic engagement on Mevbook. - Any fraudulent activity aimed at manipulating the point system may result in account suspension or termination.

6. **Transparency:** - Mevbook will strive to maintain transparency regarding the point system and any changes made to it. - Users can reach out to Mevbook's support team for clarifications or concerns regarding point earning and conversion.

By adhering to these rules, users can safely earn and convert points on Mevbook. However, it is essential to comply with the platform's guidelines to avoid any penalties or account restrictions.